VR Creation and Collaboration Platform for Remote Teams


Start creating in 3D within minutes without prior experience


Create immersive storyboards to show your design in function


Easily invite team members to ideate, iterate and run reviews

Use cases

AR experiences

Design for the next wave of AR devices at 1 on 1 scale and get advantage of the Mixed reality feature to leverage the real world (passthrough is coming soon).

VR applications & games

Start your ideation with freeform design and grayboxing, pitch your design to clients and stakeholders and export to game engines to continue your workflow.

Industrial design

Create immersive storyboards for products and services. Use the stage system to show user flows, illustrate the features of physical products or even evaluate ergonomics during the early stage of design.

Design venues and environments

Design with the actual context in mind, Mock up 3D spaces and evaluate different layouts and configurations without expensive physical prototypes.

Used by the world’s most innovative teams

“ShapesXR allows us to quickly create fully immersive scenes and populate these with key artefacts, something that traditionally has not been possible for those without the time and budget to build costly physical environments, mock ups or experience labs".

— Andreas Connelan, Head of Design AR/VR

“It's the first tool that has really ripped through our company and the team loves it!".

— Sam Cole, CEO and Co-Founder, FitXR

"ShapesXR increased extremely the speed of 3D prototyping. It has helped me a lot to express and discuss early on ideas within a team directly in VR/3D. It's perfect for low-fidelity prototyping, collaborative storyboarding and bodystorming and it's so easy to use that it feels like Figma for 3D".

— Simon Frübis, Spatial Computing Researcher


Assets Library & Import

Creation is made accessible and easy thanks to a set of powerful tools that allow to manipulate primitive shapes, align and snap objects, change color and materials and so much more. It is also possible to import your own images and textured obj files by dropping them on a web panel to see them “magically” appear in your library in VR.


Prototyping is done with a super intuitive “stage system” where each frame could represent the different steps in an immersive storyboard or variants of the design you would like to share and discuss.


Collaboration and Communication in ShapesXR is just one click away. Either with a 6 digit code or with a web link, collaborators can join in VR or from web, review at scale and communicate in real time thanks to spatial audio.

Export and Sharing

Consider sharing options for different pipelines:
• Immersive collaborative presentations—invite team members by sharing access codes.
• Share your space via a web browser with those who don't have VR headsets.
• Export your creations to Unity with 1 click using ShapesXR Unity Plugin.


Friendly with different pipelines.




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