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Design Spatially Together

Find the right design faster by iterating with your team in XR
Trusted by industry leaders
ShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partner

Bring your designs to life

Create user journeys, interactive prototypes and user tests with zero code

Seamlessly integrates into your pipeline

Import your assets & export directly into game engines

Design in mixed reality

Populate your physical environment with digital content

Turn your pitch into an experience

Impress your audience with interactive presentations

Trusted by top notch XR design teams

ShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partner
ShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partnerShapesXR partner
Yinghua Yang
Spatial Design Lead, PICO
“Reviewing MR/VR/AR designs at a 1:1 scale is vital. ShapesXR, with its in-headset multiplayer editing and Unity export plugin, has significantly revolutionized my design firmly establishing itself as a leader in XR design”.
Cody Char
Sr. UX/UI Designer, TRIPP
“In VR I can whip up 10 variations of a spatial AR interface in 10 minutes without problems. ShapesXR is miles ahead of everything from flow perspective. On a desktop, you waste so much time and regressing back to 3D desktop tools is not an option for me”.
Daniel Robbins
Principal Designer, Adobe
The only way to really grapple with spatial design concepts such as UI positioning in 3D, contextual anchoring, and managing user attention, is to use apps like ShapesXR where you can very quickly mock this up and get an early understanding of how things look and feel spatially”.
Sam Hessenauer
CTO & Co-Founder, Nanome
“We are all stoked to have ShapesXR as a XR design tool now and it’s something that would have completely changed how we went about building our app if we have had it since the beginning of the company back in 2015”.
Sam Shennan
Lead Technical Artist, MasterpieceVR
“I come from a 2D background and I don’t have the 3D skills to work in Blender or Unity. Being able to map out and “feel” this new UIs and interactions we are creating for our new Quest product has been a game changer and immensely speed up our workflow”.
Andreas Connelan
Head of Design AR/VR, Logitech
“ShapesXR allows us to quickly create fully immersive scenes and populate these with key artifacts, something that traditionally has not been possible for those without the time and budget to build costly physical environments, mock ups or experience labs".
Sam Cole
CEO and Co-Founder, FitXR
“It's the first tool that has really ripped through our company and the team loves it!".
Simon Frübis
XR interaction designer, Doublepoint
"ShapesXR It's perfect for low-fidelity prototyping, collaborative storyboarding and bodystorming and it's so easy to use that it feels like Figma for 3D".
Dan Maitland
Senior UI/UX designer, CAE Healthcare
“The feeling I got when I first discovered ShapesXR was the feeling I got when I first discovered Sketch for Mac: pure joy. Finally, the right tool for the job. I cannot wait to see where ShapesXR goes from here.”