Ready-to-use assets library

Speed up your design process effortlessly. Simply drag and drop them into your scene and watch your vision come to life in record time.

- 3D models
- Characters
- Icons
- Shadows
- Sounds
- Textures
- And much more!

Easy-to-use design tools

Get hands-on with ShapesXR’s design tools.
- Text tool
- Brush
- Procedural Primitives

Quickly design in mixed reality

Design directly in the real world with all mixed reality capabilities.
- Spatial anchor mode
- Passthrough
- AR device simulation

Bring your Figma designs to Shapes in a single click

Elevate your design workflow by seamlessly syncing your Figma designs with ShapesXR. Experience effortless collaboration as ShapesXR keeps your designs updated while you make changes

Bring Figma Designs to VR Shapes

Import and export your own files

Import png, jpg, obj, glb and gltf files and utilize them within both the desktop and VR modes.

Export models or spaces seamlessly to gltf, usdz or Unity to integrate them with other software platforms.

Organize your files with folders

Create folders to organize your imported or exported files. You can also share these folders with your team mates!

Stay organized with Projects

Keep your workflow streamlined and efficient with Projects. Add as many spaces as you need and collaborate seamlessly by inviting team members to join.

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