Case Studies

Designing spatial learning experiences. Prisms.

Prisms leverages spatial creation tools to streamline communication during the design process and unlock real-time spatial collaboration in VR.

From 3D Scans to Unreal Engine… Through ShapesXR

Ink & Fire is a VR narrative experience that revolves around 3D scans of prehistoric cave painting sites in Brazil. ShapesXR allowed the remote team to import the 3D models and design the whole flow of the application at 1:1 scale, leading to a more efficient design phase and a faster time to market.

Faster design of spatial data interfaces for enterprise use cases

BadVR is revolutionizing the way data is visualized by optimizing the way their remote teams leverage ShapesXR as a VR prototyping tool throughout the design process to create a truly immersive experience that’s faster and at a fraction of the cost.