How antwerpes ag accelerate design and communication for XR

Case Study: antwerpes ag

German-based healthcare agency, antwerpes ag showcased their Mixed Reality expertise at DMEXCO, a leading digital marketing event in Europe. They designed a demo app using ShapesXR, reducing the need for developers and streamlining the UX process. This immersive experience attracted potential business contacts, emphasizing the power of immersive tech for interactive learning and brand loyalty.

Efficiency gain

Early iterations in ShapesXR allowed us to go into the production phase in 1/4 of the time

Improved stakeholder communication

ShapesXR allowed us to align all stakeholders within the organization and pitch our vision

Seamless workflow

ShapesXR was integrated in our toolset (e.g. Figma and Unity)

The challenge

This project was centered around antwerpes ag' presentation at the digital marketing and tech exhibition DMEXCO in 2023, where we aimed to showcase our expertise, particularly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Mixed Reality, and IoT. We wanted to showcase how the implementation of these technologies can elevate the customer experience for any convenience product. Consequently we’ve selected a common supermarket item, an antwerpes ag designed cereal, as a focal point for our presentation to create immersive and interactive (learning)-experiences between products, brands and customers. We faced two challenges: tight capabilities and antwerpes ag' reputation in terms of creativity and user experience. Projects around Extended Realities are especially challenging given the novelty and the difficulty in communicating spatial ideas with just images and without a prototype.

“With Shapes XR, our XR team can block out and test many variations of UI and UX in early stages that would be far too expensive or time consuming to try later with a full team of producers, 3D artists, designers and Unity developers involved.” — Alexander Kals Head of Extended Reality, antwerpes ag

The process

We used ShapesXR in the early stage of the design process to generate ideas for the storyline and build spatial mockups that we could show internally. Once we agreed on a direction we built higher fidelity mockups by importing 3D models with textures and the UI generated in Figma using the ShapesXR plugin. The whole process was very streamlined thanks to the ease of use of the tool and the ability to use the web dashboard to manage the various assets. We used the ShapesXR stage system to build the entire user flow and explained how relevant information regarding the product such as the origin of the ingredients could appear sequentially in a gamified experience that would populate the physical space around the user as Mixed Reality content. After the whole scene and user flow were agreed upon in ShapesXR, we were able to export everything to Unity thanks to the plugin to get a better feeling for distances and the overall setup of the different scenes.

For documentation purposes, we also created screenshots within ShapesXR to get a better overview of the storyflow that we could add to a Miro board where our writing department prepared texts that matched the images precisely before anything was developed in the game engine.

Value provided by ShapesXR

While being on a tight schedule due to the fixed expo date and having restricted internal resources for the development of suitable prototypes, ShapesXR helped us setting up a quick prototype we could discuss directly with the internal stakeholders to ultimately convince them of our vision. People with less experience in 3D were also able to participate more actively contributing with their design talent and expertise from the 2D world. In our previous workflow, we mostly started with 2D images in Figma and used a mix of Blender & 2D images leading often to miscommunication and rework. ShapesXR helped us to visualize the idea directly in a virtual world by easily integrating in our pipeline and the tools we regularly use such as Figma, Blender and Unity. This made it possible for all project participants to see directly how the final product will look like before any developer was involved in the process. Thanks to ShapesXR we were finally able to communicate more clearly and iterate faster managing to save 75% of the time during the design stage and start promptly with the implementation in Unity.

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About antwerpes ag

antwerpes ag as an agency is the creative core of the DocCheck Group, dedicated to being a pioneering agency focused on driving creative digital transformation within healthcare marketing. With over two decades of experience, antwerpes ag provides a comprehensive service portfolio. Whether you're looking for brand positioning, captivating campaign concepts, omnichannel strategies, engaging YouTube and Social Media content, immersive virtual/augmented reality apps, precise medical content, eDetailing solutions, or robust customer data platforms, our team of 220 creative professionals is well-equipped to strategize, assess, consult, and bring your vision to life.