How AREYES studio designs Metaverse spaces

Case Study: AREYES

AREYES studio is a creative technology studio specializing in AR/VR and digital experiences. They recently worked on Posthuman Island: a virtual exhibition featuring 20 artworks from various artists. ShapesXR was a key tool in their workflow for concept development, efficient communication among stakeholders and handover to development.

Improve communication

Stakeholders were able to align and agree on the initial concept in half the time

Fully integrated workflow

ShapesXR was a breeze to integrate in our 3D pipeline

Async collaboration

Holographic notes allowed the team to share spatial feedback asynchronously

How ShapesXR was used

The team used ShapesXR to remotely discuss the concept of the project with the art curator and the artists in immersive design reviews. This allowed all stakeholders to be part of the brainstorming process and understand the full picture before production started. Once the concept was agreed upon, the technical artist was able to visualize how the full scene would look like in a virtual environment by importing the assets that were created for other projects, saving time and effort. ShapesXR was also key for streamlining the communication between all stakeholders during the project:  the art director was able to leave his instructions as holographic notes in the space that were picked up later by another member of the team, developers had a clear understanding of the space and could make sure that all scene were compatible before they were combined in the game engine.

“We are overall very impressed with ShapesXR and its capabilities. It is a powerful tool for concept and prototype in XR” — Alexander Surnin CEO, AREYES
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About AREYES studio and the Posthuman Island

AREYES is creative technology studio which focuses on the new formats of visual communication and builds unique digital experiences by using AR/VR. Their expertise spans from social AR to 3D design, game design and NFTs. Posthuman Island is one of their recent ambitious project: a set of virtual exhibitions, combining 20 visual artworks by artists from the USA, England, South Korea, Ukraine, and Germany. The team needed a tool that would allow all stakeholders to align on the initial vision and rapidly iterate on the gallery layouts while relying on the existing 3D assets available.