Learning XR got easier and more accessible thanks to ShapesXR

Case Study: FutureGames and Immersive Insiders

The world of XR represents a great opportunity for designers, product owners and any creative who is entering the job market or wants to make a career transition into this new media. Yet, the tools available often feel daunting and discourage newcomers from the very beginning. Learn how ShapesXR has helped introduce students to AR and VR design in a way that is fun and makes them ready to create and share prototypes in just 2 weeks.

Students went from idea to prototypes in 2 weeks

Was the rating students gave to the overall learning experience

ShapesXR is now included as a core tool in the Futuregames immersive rapid prototyping toolset, and will be introduced to new students during their very first days

The challenge

Right now the barrier of entry to start creating in XR is very steep. Communicating early concepts of immersive experiences is complicated and just sketching simple ideas requires a wide variety of tools that are hard to learn like Unity, Blender, 3DS Max and even coding. As a consequence, students attracted by this creative world are often overwhelmed, and end up being demotivated at the VERY start of their XR journey.

“I can highly recommend using ShapesXR to anyone who wants to pursue a career as XR Designer. It will become the go-to standard for XR prototyping.” - Dinesh Punni, Founder and CEO, Immersive Insiders

How was ShapesXR used

Immersive Insiders designed a learning curriculum split into 3 sections. 

1. XR Design Theory: here students learn the theoretical aspects of how to ideate, prototype, and build XR experiences. 

2. ShapesXR introduction: within 2-3 sessions of 90 minutes, students learned how to design and prototype immersive experiences using ShapesXR. These sessions were carried out both via screen sharing and in VR. Students could follow along with the instructor in a virtual learning environment within ShapesXR. By the end, students are confident with all the fundamentals and started learning more advanced features to make them powerful XR creators.

3. Practical work: Students were split into groups of 3-4 people and within 5-10 days were able to create an AR or VR prototype. Thanks to the real time collaboration features, students could collaborate in real time and present their final project in virtual reality within ShapesXR.

Value provided by ShapesXR

Using ShapesXR helped tremendously. We saved a lot of time during the learning process and students were much less frustrated, as they could apply what they have learned straight away. The course was also more accessible as anybody could start creating and sharing ideas no matter their proficiency with game engines or other “standard” 3D creation tools. Learning in Virtual Reality was also a very unique experience for instructors and students alike: everybody felt connected while learning and creating in VR together and being able to explore design ideas for this new medium while being fully immersed in it was very valuable.

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“The level of diversity and quality of the ideas in the projects from our UX4XR-jam with immersive insiders showed us that ShapesXR is a tool that makes prototyping possible for a broader range of people than any other tool we've seen.” - Jesper Wallerborg, Head of education - Immersive Experience Creator, FutureGames

About Futuregames and Immersive Insiders

With almost 25 years of experience, Futuregames has consistently ranked as one of the best game educations in the world. Former students make up over 14% of the Swedish games industry, working across game art, game design, programming, game marketing, and more. In 2020 the "Immersive Experience Creator" program started with the mission to upskill more cross-disciplinary and diverse creatives to the emerging immersive industry. Immersive Insiders was the perfect partner for this endeavor: an online education and community platform that teaches XR Design and Development with live classes and hands-on approach. immersive insiders works with universities all over the world to get their students job-ready for the XR industry. They use Unity and C# for programming classes and ShapesXR for their XR Design classes.